Generac to Expand its Bi-Fuel System Offering

December 2013 – Generac’s Bi-Fuel™ generators, which run on both diesel fuel and natural gas simultaneously, are noted for their reliability in many applications. As a result of this popularity, Generac’s 600 kW Bi-Fuel power system—the only EPA factory-compliant bi-fuel system on the market—will soon expand to include 400 kW and 500 kW power nodes. Standardized engines and other improvements will accompany this expansion.

“Generac is expanding its Bi-Fuel product family to provide more flexibility and scalability in all applications” said Rich Thompson, director of marketing, Generac Industrial Power. “They can be used either as single-engine solutions or connected in parallel as part of a Generac modular power system [MPS] for even more redundancy and reliability in mission-critical applications.”

 The Generac Bi-Fuel systems are the only EPA factory-compliant bi-fuel generators. All other competitive bi-fuel units are either provided by third parties or retrofitted in the field. Generac Bi-Fuel generators will also continue to comply with all regulations and listings, and will offer 180 mph wind load and seismic certification.

Generac’s 500 kW Bi-Fuel generator is currently available, with the 400 kW unit targeted for availability in the first half of 2014.